Your Order Proof

Please review your order proof and either approve it or request any changes by leaving a comment below.

Please read all Terms & Conditions (HERE) before approval.

(1) By approving this proof you agree to begin production based on the specifications listed. Any changes made after approval of the artwork template file could result in additional charges to quoted price. There can be NO changes made after a Pre Production Sample photo is approved since we’ll then be going into Full Production.
(2) It is the customers responsibility to provide us with any necessary PMS colors for their artwork. If a PMS color is not supplied, we will assign a color for you. By approving this proof you agree to the color selection(s). We will do our best to to PMS match, typically up to 90% of a match, but due to limitations of supply we cannot ensure an exact match. Also, due to the differences in the way computers and phones display color it may not be an accurate representation of the PMS colors being called out. Please refer to a Pantone book prior to proof approval.
(3) Use the measurements provided to approve artwork size as this proof may not be an accurate representation of what the artwork will look like on the item. If you have any questions about your artwork, sizing, color, placement, or methods used in decorating your hat or socks, please contact us prior to approval.
(4) Proofs approved for production cannot be cancelled / refunded.